Arabian Tajine Gulnar - 26cm
Arabian Tajine Gulnar - 30cm
Arabian Tajine Gulnar - 35cm
Couscous and Sweet Semolina Food - Cookbook
Moroccan Cuisine - Cookbook
Moroccan Tajine Ferhan - 26cm
Moroccan Tajine Ferhan - 30cm
Moroccan Tajine Ferhan - 35cm
Moroccan Tajine Tuareg - 20cm
Moroccan Tajine Tuareg - 25cm

Marrakech - one of a kind collection of unique, handmade Tagine Pots

Here you will find our selection of little handmade tableware accessories that will make your table look unique and interesting.
So, if you need Tagine Pots, you are at the right place.
With these items, you will add a rustic flair to your everyday life and receive compliments every time you use them.
Items are hand finished and hand carved by artisans. Each piece is unique in its design and is prepared with a great attention to details. The technique takes a lot of time, patience and above all, a lot of experience.
Choose an item that you like and make your surroundings wonderful, comfortable and pleasant.