Arabian Tajine Gulnar - 26cm
Arabian Tajine Gulnar - 30cm
Arabian Tajine Gulnar - 35cm
Couscous and Sweet Semolina Food - Cookbook
Moroccan Cuisine - Cookbook
Moroccan Tajine Ferhan - 26cm
Moroccan Tajine Ferhan - 30cm
Moroccan Tajine Ferhan - 35cm
Moroccan Tajine Tuareg - 20cm
Moroccan Tajine Tuareg - 25cm

Marrakech - the greatest selection of unique Oriental home tajines

Here you will find a wonderful, unique and high-quality selection of Oriental items.
Express a distinct style and taste with our elegant Oriental home tajines. This style combines vintage charm with modern-day functionality and adds a delightful atmosphere to any room.
Items are hand finished and hand carved by artisans. Each piece is unique in its design and is prepared with a great attention to details. The technique takes a lot of time, patience and above all, a lot of experience.
So choose an item that you like and add these outstanding items to your office or your home.