Arabic Ceiling Lamp Aynoura multi
Arabic Ceiling Lamp Noha
Arabic Ceiling Lamp Peso Orange
Arabic Ceiling Lamp Peso Red
Arabic Ceiling Lamp Peso White
Arabic Ceiling Lamp Shana
Ceiling Lamp Laestrella White
Mediterranean Ceiling Lamp Fula Clear
Mediterranean Ceiling Light Badra Clear - 37cm
Mediterranean Ceiling Light Basak Clear - 45cm

Oriental lamps made of glass for harmony and comfort in your home

Oriental lamps made of glass are handmade, of different materials, by the best Moroccan artisans. Their colors are delicate and suitable for any of your rooms. If you are an admirer of tints as red, orange, green, blue, or multi-colored, do not hesitate to add this kind of lamps to your home decor. They will enrich your home and make it warmer because of their beautiful colors and shapes.
The shapes are different, unusual, and, what is most important, unique. They can fit in any room you want to make special. For instance, if you want to have a magic shadow-effect in your living room, or any other room, you are definitely at the right place. The sizes of our lamps are also flexible.
Buy one of our special, magic, and unique Oriental lamps and everyone will envy your good taste and home decor!
These amazing lamps made of glass will bring your home a sense of harmony and accommodation.